Handmade Porcelain Celebrating the Art of Fine Craft
by artist Melissa Schooley









Arabesque Collection

With flowing line drawings, and frozen-in-time glazes, this beautiful line of
functional porcelain is designed to inspire moments of pause in our busy lives.

Oven Safe. As with no-stick cookware or cast iron frying pans, ceramics require special care when using
them in the oven. Avoid extreme temperature changes. When cooking from scratch, pieces can go
directly into a warm oven. When reheating leftovers out of the fridge, place them in a cold oven
and then turn the oven on to heat everything up at the same time and avoid thermal shock. Frozen
foods should be thawed first, placed in a cold oven, then set your oven temperature.
NOT recommended for broiler or stove top use.

Dishwasher Safe. Don't be afraid to put your pieces directly in the dishwasher! The glazes are durable and can
withstand the strong cleaning solutions.

Microwave Safe. Pieces are safe for the microwave but be aware, microwaves are hard on pottery and can lead to
glazes crackling prematurely if used daily.


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